Tables are usually the centre piece of any dining room, but none more so than the Air table by Lago. Finding a dining table across the myriad of options is never easy and it's even harder to find a design that hasn't been copied or has a design that just simply stands out.

Meet the Air table, designed in 2006 by the CEO of the Italian furniture manufacturer Lago, it is a cut above the rest when compared to the current trend of dining tables. This patented design embodies simplicity in design with a striking futuristic look.

The Air table uses glass legs in its design to create the illusion of a floating table top. It creates a sense of lightness and openness for your living, office or commercial space and can be finished in beautiful Wildwood finishes, which offer a distressed look. The table top also has an option of having open heads finished in glass which can be customised in different lacquer colours. But there are plenty of other finishes to choose from too such as lacquers, laminates and even quartz so there is really a finish to suit everyone.

But it doesn't stop there. If you wanted a bench top to match the table, the Air table offers a solution. The table can be made at a height of 106cm and can also be fixed to a wall.

The Air table is available exclusively at Misura. On display now at our Sydney and Melbourne showrooms.

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