Being unique and standing out in today's world is becoming increasingly difficult, and the same can be applied to furniture design. But every so often, a brand shines through, and is just a cut above the rest. That brand is LAGO.

Founded by Daniele Lago, the principles of Lago have been to allow the client to be the designer; to create their own space and tap into, and own their unique sense of individuality. Lago’s designs allow clients to set their own trend and the endless designs and configurations that can be created from Lago's products reflects this ethos.

Flick through one of their catalogues or browse through their website, and you will see; there is nothing ordinary about Lago.

Covering all aspects of a home, Lago's trademark look is the 'Air' range which features through the Air Table, Air Sofa, Air Storage and Air Shelving systems.

Lago is available now, exclusively at Misura Sydney and Melbourne.