Thibault Van Renne, a name synonymous with some of the most spectacular rug designs in the home furnishings sector is now available for order at Misura. With an aim to offer the complete interior solution for our clients, we felt that rugs play an ever-important role in a setting, so we are more than thrilled to have Thibault Van Renne's rugs available as a part of our collection.

As the son of a carpet dealer, Thibault Van Renne has travelled to the Middle East since his childhood, looking for unique pieces and in 2006, Thibault Van Renne launched an eponymous label for luxury rugs that revolutionised the market; unparalleled patterns and colours create a bridge between past and present and his rugs prove that computer technology and pure craft are indeed compatible.

Thibault Van Renne doesn’t just propose design; he is above all a designer. He draws inspiration from interior design trends, as well as from the art and fashion scene. His creations are invariably made from natural materials and manufactured by skilled weavers that meet the highest quality standards. With his support to the organisation "Care & Fair", Thibault Van Renne shows his commitment to corporate social responsibility, as well as sustainability by offering a 100% biological washing process using sapindus soap nuts. He has already clinched four nominations for the prestigious Carpet Design Awards: three in the category Best Innovation and once for best traditional collection.

To have a better understanding of the skill and craftsmanship involved with a Thibault Van Renne rug, please watch and enjoy the below video.

Rugs from Thibault Van Renne's collection will appear in exclusively at our Sydney and Melbourne showrooms from October.