36e8 10813 Sideboard

The 36e8 10813 sideboard is available in three dimensions and two depths. You can choose from three set mood colours.

Brand: Lago
Designed by: Daniele Lago

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147.2cm(L) x 40.6cm(D) x 75.3cm(H)
184.0cm(L) x 40.6cm(D) x 75.3cm(H)
220.8cm(L) x 40.6cm(D) x 75.3cm(H)
147.2cm(L) x 56.0cm(D) x 75.3cm(H)
184.0cm(L) x 56.0cm(D) x 75.3cm(H)
220.8cm(L) x 56.0cm(D) x 75.3cm(H)

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36e8 10813 Sideboard

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