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Air Bed Wildwood

The Air Bed Wildwood is an elegant piece which gives a unique sense of visual balance characterised by its transparent glass base. The glass base which highlights the Air range gives the impression that the bed is floating, giving the overall design an aesthetic lightness. The lightweight and heavy lines of the design harness a unique blend of materiality through its use of transparent glass and natural Wildwood, giving personality and texture to this stunning design. 

Brand: Lago
Designed by: Daniele Lago

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Headboard (Freestanding bed):
73.6cm(H) - 8cm in thickness
88.0cm(H) - 8cm in thickness

Headboard (Wall mounted bed):
40.6cm(H) - 8cm in thickness
56.0cm(H) - 8cm in thickness

184cm, 220.8cm, 257.6cm & 294.4cm|

Bed frames:
153cm(W) x 203cm(D) x 32cm(H)
Mattress size: 153cm x 203cm - Australian queen

160cm(W) x 200cm(D) x 32cm(H)
Mattress size: 160cm x 200cm - European queen

180cm(W) x 200cm(D) x 32cm(H)
Mattress size: 180cm x 200cm - European king

(Other bed frame dimensions are also available. Please enquire with our showrooms).

8cm thickness wood hollow box created with 1.8cm thickness panels and an internal wooden frame; the panels have a slatted support and a 0.4cm thickness layer of oak, joined with an effect of irregular running slats. The retracting heads may have a grained wood end finish or a 0.3cm thickness lacquered methacrylate strip.

Anodised aluminium and connecting elements in iron painted with epoxy powder.

Extra clear tempered glass 1.2cm thick, with steel and felt feet

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Product Enquiry

Air Bed Wildwood

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